Lista dodatnih kartica za MERIDIAN 861 procesor-kontroler

Spisak kartica koje su podrazumevano instalirane u Meridian 861:

CO00: Control computer card. Complete with Flash memory, RS232 port for control and status, 3 x configurable trigger outputs and Meridian Comms.
CD20 & EF20: Internal (no rear panel) 48-bit DSP cards each containing two Freescale 56367 chips running in dual precision mode, each card offering 300 MIPS (million instructions per second) capability.
IE42: Digital Input/Output with 6 x S/PDIF (IEC1937) coax inputs, 1 TOSLink optical digital input, multiple input options. Includes 150 MIPS DSP de-jittering facility and upsampling to 24-bit, 96kHz sampling. 2 x 2-channel S/PDIF outputs.
IA00: Analogue Input with 6 pairs of analogue input on RCA phono connectors, with super-quality A/D conversion.

Da bi se obezbedili audio izlazi, jedna digitalna izlazna kartica ili dve analogne se moraju instalirati. Ovo je spisak svih dodatnih kartica. ( kontaktirajte nas za cene )

OE12 Digital Output: 4 x coaxial for Meridian DSP Speakers only
SL00 Slave Patch: 4 x DIN 180 for Meridian DSP Speakers only
OA03 Analogue Output: 4 x unbalanced 192kHz-capable on RCA
OA13 Analogue Output: 4 x balanced 192kHz-capable on XLR
IA10 Analogue Input: 2 pairs balanced on XLR (IA00 required)
IA20 Analogue Input: 3 pairs unbalanced on RCA (IA00 required)
IA30 Phono Input Moving Coil: 1 pair unbalanced on RCA (IA00 required)
IA35 Phono Input Moving Magnet: 1 pair unbalanced on RCA (IA00 required)
IA40 Multi-channel Analogue Input: 2 x 6 discrete channels on RCA
IA45 Multi-channel Analogue Input: 6 discrete 96/24 channels on RCA
ID20 Digital Input: 2 x coaxial, 2 x Toslink optical ID25 Digital Input: 4 x Toslink optical ID30 Digital Input: 3 x AES/EBU on XLR, 1 x AT&T
VS00 Video Card: 4 composite, 4 S-video, tape and monitor
VS10 Video Card: 8 S in, S and composite. out with S to C conversion
VS20 Video Card: 1 component in and out for on-screen display
VS40 Video Card: 8 composite in, with tape and monitor
VS50 Video Card: 3 component in and 1 out on BNC
TP00 Tape Output: 2 pairs unbalanced on RCA, 1 x headphone out RF00 LD Input: 1 x RF RCA, 1 x digital coax on RCA, 1 x Toslink optical